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 Sun Noodle x Momosan

Craft experiences with Sun Noodle x Momosan Tonkotsu Ramen Kit!

Share the Momosan experience with your ‘Ohana at the comfort of your home using the limited Sun Noodle x Momosan Tonkotsu ramen kit!

Each kit contains two portions of Sun Noodle’s Momosan Noodles - exclusively made for Chef Morimoto and Momosan’s Tonkotsu soup base.

The Sun Noodle exclusive wavy ramen noodles are paired with the smooth and flavorful Momosan signature Tonkotsu broth every time you slurp. The Tonkotsu broth consists of pork bones that are simmered for over 12 hours, resulting in a richer and smoother consistency. You can now craft and enjoy their signature broth with our exclusive Momosan noodles from the comfort of your home! Garnish your bowl of ramen with green onions, chashu, boiled egg, red pickled ginger, and wood ear mushrooms. Slurp and enjoy with your ‘Ohana!


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